Belize and San Pedro Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

There is a great variety of reef types and diving & snorkeling experiences in Belize. The Barrier Reef is 185 meandering miles (298 km) of unspoiled beauty. It varies from 8 to 16 miles (13-26 km) from the mainland to less than one mile (1.6 km) offshore from Ambergris Caye. Much of it is totally unexplored and all of it is easily accessible by boat. The reef is like a gigantic wall running parallel to the coast. Between the mainland and the reef are shallow, sandy waters with numerous mangrove-covered islands (cayes).

Click here for map of Ambergris Caye and Belize dive sites. We also have an extensive selection of diving and snorkeling photographs.

While much of the flora and fauna is similar throughout the reef system, there are individual differences to be found everywhere. A particular type of fish may be seen on almost every dive, but during mating season it may congregate in only one or two areas in great numbers. Hard corals, gorgonians, sea fans, tunicates, and shellfish of amazing variety populate Belize coastal waters, but the predominance of one in a particular stretch of reef may give that area its name. Similarly, there are areas where grouper are known to shoal, others where large stingray are prolific or where the diver may encounter a whale shark. The manta ray and spotted eagle ray are fairly common, and the diver can reasonably expect to see one of these magnificent creatures during his visit. Hammerhead shark,Caribbean reef shark and even the oceanic white tip shark are seen occasionally, but these lucky sightings are rare.

Ambergris Caye is justly the most popular attraction to the tourists who come to Belize. The factor that most contributes to this is the unbelievably superb diving & snorkeling conditions. Accessibility to the dive sites, such as Lighthouse Reef, Turneffe Islands, as well as many excellent sites right off Ambergris Caye, combined with excellent weather conditions, clear warm water, the variety of dive sites and in the unlikely chance that a diving accident should


Here are some of the discription of some of the tours

Local dives leaves at 9am, 11am and 2 pm. Each departure
time is for a single tank. We do the first dive then come
back to the dock for surface interval. The reason is
because the dive sites are less than 5 minutes away from
the shop and at times our seas tends to be choppy and
rather than letting the divers feeding the fish we just
bring you back to the dock to get your land legs. The type
of dives offered here in San Pedro is mostly spur and
groove canyon formation, tunnels and swim throughs. We do
drift dives (no current) and anchor dives. All dives are
guided dives and are either led by a dive master or dive

Discover Scuba Diving you'll watch a short DVD, learn a
few skills in the pool and then dive Hol Chan Marine
accompanied by your instructor.  A personalized
certificate is given at the end of the course and credit
is earned towards either Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver

Refresher Course:  Includes a brief review of diving
theory, practice of open water skills in the pool with an
emphasis on safety, followed by a single open water dive
supervised by your PADI Instructor or dive master.

Open Water Diver course covers theory, skills development
in the pool and 4 open water dives with skills practice
and time to explore the underwater world under the
supervision of your instructor. You’ll receive a PADI
certification entitling you to dive to a maximum depth of
18m/60 feet when accompanied by a certify dive buddy or a
dive leader.
   Advanced Open Water Course:
This course enhances a diver’s diving skills; the diver
must do these 2 dives: Deep and Navigation. It also
includes any 3 selected adventure dives from the following
Fish identification
Peak performance buoyancy
Underwater naturalist
This course covers a short theory and the diver will
receive a PADI certification entitling him to dive to a
maximum depth of 30m/100 feet.
Course takes roughly about 2 days.

Referral Dive Course:  It takes two half days, 2 dives
each day. The first dive is on the leeward side of the
barrier reef very calm water only 28ft depth. 2nd, 3rd and
4th dives beyond the barrier reef that offer 35-60ft

Night dives are done at the Hol Chan marine park. Night
leaves at 5:30pm, 90% of the marine life is
nocturnal so there are a lot of life at this sites such as
octopus, squids, lobsters, crab etc.

Turneffe Atoll leaves at 5:30am and gets back about
4:30pm. It is a three wall dives in one day deal. . It
includes continental breakfast, lunch snacks, sodas and

The Blue Hole trip leaves at 5:30am and returns
approximately at 5:30 pm. It is a three tank dive day
deal/3 snorkel stops. It takes roughly 2-2 1/2 hours to
get to the blue hole depending on the ocean conditions.
The blue hole is the first stop, then Halfmoon Caye, where
you have lunch and see the world famous booby birds.
Besides Belize the only place that has boobies is
galapagos. We have the red footed boobies and they have
the blue footed boobies. After lunch we do the third and
final stop at long caye, usually the aquarium where you
literally have to push the fish out the way to see. After
that stop we work our way back home.

The manatee watch leaves 8:30 am and returns about 5pm. It
is a manatee watch, snorkel and beach picnic. You are not
allowed to snorkel with the manatee only view them from
the boat. You snorkel from the island of Golf’s Caye where
you also have lunch consisting of grilled fish or stew
chicken with a salad and flour tortillas beans. If you are
a vegetarian please let us know so that we can take
special food for you.

How to get to San Pedro:
San Pedro is 25 miles from where the ships anchor. Once
your ship is anchored in the Belize City Harbor, the
tender will bring you to shore. A 5 minute taxi ride from
the landing takes you to Belize City Municipal Airport.
Once you book with us we will send you a copy of the
airline tickets over the e-mail.
From there at about 8:30 am you will board a 15 passenger
Cessna at Maya Island Airlines and fly 15 minutes to San
The planes land right in downtown San Pedro and we meet
you at the airport and drop you off there once the trip is
These are very comfortable and safe planes and you will
enjoy the scenic flight, so have your camera ready! We
make all arrangements and will have any gear you need with

Effective November 1st 2006
Please add 10% sales tax on tours

Scuba Diving
Rates includes boat, guide ,tanks and weights

Single tank dive                   $40.00
Double tank dive                   $65.00
triple tank dive                   $90.00
combo dive                         $45.00
nite dive                          $45.00
Blue Hole                          $250.00 includes $40
park and taxes
Turneffe                           $185.00

          padi Instructions

Includes diver manual ****
Rental gear

Refresher Course  includes  1 dive   $100.00
Scuba introduction                   $125.00
Scuba Diver                          $325.00
Open Water Referral                  $250.00
Open Water ****                      $400.00
Advanced Open Water****              $375.00
Scuba Rescue****                     $275.00
Emergency First Response             $150.00
Specialties                          $250.00
Nitrox                               $175.00

          Equiptment Rentals
                                               B C D
                           $8.00 per day
Regulator                        $8.00 per day
Wetsuit                          $8.00 per day
Snorkel set                      $6.00 per day
Mask only                        $4.00
Fins only                        $4.00
Dive lites                       $10.00

Prices does not include snorkel equipment nor marine park

Hol Chan Marine park                   $25.00
Mexico Rocks                           $30.00
Gardens                          $35.00
Caye Caulker                           $65.00
Beach Picnic and Snorkel               $75.00
Beach Picnic and Dive                  $90.00
Manatee Goff’s Caye Tour               $105.00

   Reef Fishing
Half Day      $175.00
Full Day      $250.00

FLat Fishing
Half Day      $200.00
Full Day      $285.00

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