Zip Line and Belize Zoo

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This tour is designed to last approximately 3.5 hour. It includes a 50 minuted drive to the site where the zip line canopy tour is done. As we drive to the canopy tour site we will be narrating the history of Belize and pointing out important site as we drive.


Upon our arrival at the site where the zip line canopy tour is done we will have a short restroom break. After the break you will be assisted with your gears for the zip line canopy tour. You will zipping through the canopy of Belize's rain forest for approximately an hour.


After the zip line part of the tour we will drive 15 minutes to the Belize Zoo. The tour of the zoo is a slow and very informative tour. The tour of the zoo last approximately 40 minutes. After the tour of the Belize Zoo we will drive to Belize City. If time time permits, we will do a tour of Belize City where you get the chance to see some of our historical sites. If you would like to stop do some shopping, just say the word and we will try our best to accommodate you if time permits.

$135.00 per/ person

Special offer for group of 4+: $110.00 per/ person